Green Coffee Bean Health Plus Weight Loss Supplements

Start losing pounds and feel great. No effort, wasting time and strict diets.


Stops deposition of fat tissue and stimulates its burning. Included in green coffee chlorogenic acid stops sugar absorption in digestive tract.


This makes organism to quicker reach for stocks of fat in the body and burn it to get energy.


 Improves skin appearance

Regulates blood pressure

Fixes metabolism


Great silhouette without extra pounds! Start treatment right now! Total weight loss without limitation – it blocks fat deposition and helps with burning extra pounds. Safe and effective.


First results of using green coffee plus could be seen after first week, but for the results to be satisfactory and permanent you should take full treatment. Please note that every body is a separate entity that have individual respond to components in supplements. Due to that, time needed for optimum effects may vary.


Green coffee plus for slimming provides quick and safe weight loss, proper skin care during shedding of extra pounds, so in time when skin is the most exposed to skin folds or stretch marks. It also prevents accumulation of fat tissue and regulates your blood pressure.



Do you want to lose weight fast without yo-yo effect, but nothing helps?



The only natural preparation that has such powerful double slimming effect. Prevents deposition of fat tissue and stimulates its combustion.



Slimming using green coffee is an effective and safe way to regulate weight.


– Safe weight loss

–  Better metabolism

– Rejuvenating effect

– Reduced blond pressure



Green Coffee Plus pills should be used  every day, 2 times a day. Take each  pill during meal, and drink it with plenty of water.


One box contains 60 capsules, providing a monthly treatment.






Imagine what your life will be like soon:



  • you do not have to go to the gym, so you gain 2 hours daily which you can spend with your family
  • you are full of energy every day because your body is toxin-free
  • you are popular among the opposite sex and feel attractive
  • your boss happily gives you a pay raise because you work more effectively and you have a lot of positive energy
  • your friends compliment you and admire your determination that let you lose weight so fast



1 pack – 60 capsules.


Use 2 capsules per day with water.

1. Is GREEN COFFEE Plus for everyone?

Of course. GREEN COFFEE Plus is a product designed for people who enjoy good health. With only natural ingredients, the product is safe and does not cause any side effects. As with most supplements, it is advisable to consult your GP before starting using it.

2. Is GREEN COFFEE Plus on prescription?

No. GREEN COFFEE Plus is a product composed of 100% natural ingredients, and therefore ensures complete safety and is available without a prescription. This supplement can be purchased using this web site.

3. How many capsules does one pack of GREEN COFFEE

One pack of GREEN COFFEE Plus contains 60 capsules which is sufficient for a monthly treatment. It is recommended to use two capsules a day (one in the morning, one in the evening) after a meal.

4. How to use GREEN COFFEE Plus?

It is recommended to take two capsules a day (one in the morning, one in the evening) after a meal.

5. How long does GREEN COFFEE Plus treatment last?

The first effects of GREEN COFFEE Plus are visible within the first week of therapy, but in order to enjoy the results fully, a complete cure – which is 3 months – would be perfect. Please note that due to individual differences in metabolism, the time required to achieve optimal results may be different.

6. How long do the effects of GREEN COFFEE Plus treatment last?

The effects achieved when using GREEN COFFEE Plus are permanent and don’t disappear when the treatment is over. The product doesn’t cause yo-yo effect and its results last for a long time after the end of treatment.

7. Do I buy GREEN COFFEE Plus in drugstores?

GREEN COFFEE Plus has a scientifically proven formula and we believe that protecting the efficacy of our product is very important. For that reason you cannot buy GREEN COFFEE Plus in stores, pharmacies or dietary supplements shops. We sell GREEN COFFEE Plus only through our own website and we supervise every aspect of manufacturing. At each step along the way from packaging to processing, you can feel confident that GREEN COFFEE Plus you will own is exactly the way it was intended to be.

8. Is GREEN COFFEE Plus effective in helping weight loss?

Of course, this supplement was created to fight with additional and unnecessary pounds effectively. GREEN COFFEE Plus is a natural extract of green coffee beans, which has long been known for its miraculous weight loss properties. Green coffee has sparked unprecedented interest because it naturally supports shedding extra pounds. There is no better way to get rid of excess weight than GREEN COFFEE Plus – a product that doesn’t destroy the harmonious work of the body and provides the expected results – quickly, easily and effectively.

9. Can someone find out that I am using GREEN COFFEE Plus?

We direct our attention to keeping the privacy of our Customers secret. Ordering GREEN COFFEE Plus on this website you are sure that in the ordinary, gray box the product goes directly into the address you specify. It is therefore not possible that anyone knows about your struggle with extra pounds, unless you tell them.

10. Do I have to change anything in my current lifestyle while using GREEN COFFEE Plus?

There is no need. While using GREEN COFFEE Plus you don’t have to give up drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. However, as with any other weight loss treatment, it is always worth being on a good diet and exercising, because you can achieve better results in a shorter time.

11. How long will I be waiting for the parcel?

Ordered goods will be sent to you immediately after the money shows up on our account. Order processing time is up to 2 working days. The products are in a discrete box and will be delivered by a reputable courier service.

12. Is it possible to ship abroad?

Certainly. Observing dominant trends and growing needs of the Customers, orders are shipped not only in the USA, but also around the world. In such a case, only the delivery time is longer. Shipping cost all over the world is $25.